Market Analysis – This is a process that usually precedes the sale of your company, but not always. You may just need to know the value of your company. GM Consultants work with you to understand the financials of your business, its strengths and weaknesses, comparison to similar companies, and determines the options available to you. During the process, we ask the tough questions that buyers or their banks would ask of you. At the end of the process, your critical documents are collected in one place, you know where you stand in terms of marketability, value, and your options.

A consulting fee is negotiated based on the size and complexity of your business, and is credited against any future commissions due to GM Consultants should you decide to sell.

Selling your Business – Once the value of your business is determined, GM Consultants enters into an agency agreement with you, similar to a listing agreement with a commercial real estate company. A modest retainer is negotiated. Once the valuation of your business is complete, we advertise the operation in a way agreeable with you, and begin conversations with potential buyers. We actively attempt to engage potential buyers that appear to be logical choices based on their current operations.

Commissions are based on a percentage of the sales price, minus the retainer paid. The parties agree to these terms prior to signing the agency agreement.

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  • Owners typically sell due to retirement, health, personal reasons, or a change in their business strategy.
  • GM Consultants works with sellers to determine the marketability of their business, the value, and then goes out and works hard to sell it.
  • The valuation is done based on the experienced gained from working with hundreds of buyers and sellers in the industry.
  • We’re not a chain, so you will have personalized attention.
  • A good business broker will take much of the emotion out of the deal. Buyers may not want to speak candidly to a seller. This is why most sellers are not present when a realtor brings a buyer to see a home, for instance.
  • The sale of the company can be as confidential as you want it to be.
  • Many of the potential buyers are on speed dial and we can get through to the decision makers.

Buying a Business – GM Consultants frequently is hired to locate a business that our client feels would grow their existing business in a particular region of the US. Sometimes we are hired to find the very first site for the buyer. We know of dozens of operations that are not advertised anywhere. Many operators would sell if only they had a buyer, and are reluctant to go on the market due to personal reasons.

Again, commissions are based on a percentage of the sales price.

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  • The motivation to buy a business may be for your own financial security, working for yourself rather than a boss, building equity, etc.
  • When buying an existing business, you reduce many of the risks associated with a startup and you’ll know whether the market has been developed for the product, whether the geography works, whether the right talent has been hired, and much more.
  • GM Consultants helps its clients refine their buying objectives and will target certain industries, locations, and price ranges.
  • We know of hundreds of companies that are available but never appear on any list of companies for sale. Many business owners are very careful about confidentiality.
  • The search for your business can be confidential, so that your name as potential buyer is not publicized.